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Star of America is a company steeped in some of the richest history of the Hoosier motorcoach industry. Star of America began as new name in May of 2004 when the Sodrel Family of Companies acquired the well known Star of Indiana Motorcoach company in Bloomington, Indiana. Without changing the commitment to quality service, safety and fair prices, the name was slightly change to Star of America, a new logo prevailed and the beginning of a new era in the Hoosier Motorcoach industry began.

With Star of Indiana’s commitment to quality, and extensive team of professional drivers, the Sodrel Companies brought along even more professional training, an extensive network of suppliers, service and over 91 additional years experience in the transportation industry starting back in 1915. Combing all this experience, training and new resources Star of Indiana was on its way to a new beginning as Star of America.

During that summer, Star of America was beginning to bring about a new experience in traveling. With a commitment to service, safety and value we were ready to grow. In December of 2004 Star of America and Sodrel Companies began the acquisition of two of the oldest motocoach companies in Indiana. With the addition of Illini Swallow Lines in Indianapolis and I-V Coaches, Star of America became even more entrenched in Hoosier history. Illini Swallow Lines had started providing transportation in 1917 and formally expanded in 1923. I-V Coaches had started operations in southwestern Indiana in 1952. June of 2005 started the process incorporating operations in Muncie, Indiana with the former D & E Charter and Four Star Travel with over 34 years in the motorcoach industry as well as Bell Tours dating back to over 50 years in the travel business.

By the end of 2005 Star of America had incorporated the talents of staff from across the companies and brought about a new management and training practices to make Star of America your best choice for value combined with quality, service and the goal that in the end; everyone has fun traveling on a Star of America coach.

Star of America, as with all Sodrel Companies, will continue to strive for excellende. As we grow it is our constant reminder that each customer is an individual, and we grow one customer at a time.