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Shuttle Safety and Upkeep

All of our equipment are serviced and maintained to manufacturer’s specifications. Our state of the art maintenance facility features a full motorcoach lift, 3 regular work bays, an underbody pit, and a full wash bay. Our mechanics have been in the motorcoach industry since  1970 and have been certified through many motorcoach schools.

Star of America is a leader in the motor coach transportation industry, especially when it comes to safety. Each driver goes through extensive training including the IMG Certified Driver Training Program, so you and your group can expect to arrive safely and securely.

In fact when the IMG Driver Training Program was first initiated, drivers were required to pass the proficiency test with seasoned drivers using the program for continuing education and to challenge themselves with becoming an IMG "Certified Driver".

While the FMCSA regulations are required safety standards, the philosophy at Star of America is to always go miles  beyond. Our strict guidelines also go beyond safety. We look at customer convenience, equipment appearance, and environmental responsiveness with the same priority as safety related issues.

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